Thrive Global (a Huffington publication): “Differences are conversations waiting to happen…”

Differences are conversations waiting to happen. Talk to the “other side,” because it’s harder to hate up-close, as Michelle Obama says. Here’s two challenges I’d love to see newscasters, YouTubers, Facebookers, teachers and leaders take, and then post on social media for the rest of us to imitate: – Every day, listen to a complete stranger

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Face2Face: Cultural Diversity and Policy Over Practice

Andrea C. Hummel and Face2Face host David Peck talk about cultural diversity, political correctness, policy over practice, trauma and safe space, empathy and understanding and why being a hermit might not be a great idea.

Non Profit Utopia: The Healing Power of Improv

Have you ever experienced deep conflict or trauma and wished you could re-write a chapter in your life? For your community? For your organization?

Improv for Peace helps organizations, communities and professionals actively resolve miscommunication by facilitating guided improvisations workshops to help participants re-script their past and provide opportunities for participatory community reconciliation.

Founder Andrea C. Hummel talks about the healing power of improv and the lessons she’s learned on her journey helping organizations and municipalities resolve conflict.

International Committee of the Red Cross: Healing Cultural Conflict

There is a quote, attributed sometimes to Michelle Obama, Brene Brown and even James Comey, that says, “It’s hard to hate up close.” In this episode, Host Nicki Clark interviews Andrea C. Hummel, director and founder of Improv for Peace, an organization that focuses on making this idea a reality, operating under the belief that if people are able to better understand each other and communicate in a safe environment, conflicts based on cultural differences will subside.

Rewrite Your Past by Acting Out